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These units are fitted to the Mercedes A Class with Automatic transmission.

Models affected are:
(A168) A140, A160 & A190

The Mercedes A Class GRM Gear lever selector is a very common fault. We are currently repairing customers own faulty units with a Lifetime warranty. This is a very common problem that causes the "F" message to display on the instrument cluster instead of the Gear selected.The fault will at first be intermittent but eventually become permanent.
These units are coded to your vehicle so we repair your faulty original unit.
After your faulty unit has been repaired it will be fully plug and play requiring no programming.


Part No: A168540044 / 04500004

Common faults are:
“F” symbol in middle of dash instead of Gear no.
Rough / Jerky gear change
Car will not start ( sometimes )

Fault codes are:
P1709 - Park/Neutral Position Switch
P1856 - selector lever implausible
p1875 - can communication ESP
P1872 - can signal from gear recognition module faulty

Lifetime unlimited mileage warranty.

Repair time
Normally 2 days


  • We can repair your Mercedes A Class Gear Lever.

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