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ABS module failure for the Jaguar XJ8 , XK8 and XJR will commonly cause the ABS warning light to remain lit. A Diagnostic test will display fault codes for pump motor failure (c1095-Pump motor circuit failure) and wheel speed sensor problems.

Common part numbers are:-
JLM12004 , JLM12005 , JLM20555 , JLM20556 , JLM21323 , JLM20130 , JLM20129 , LNA2210AA , LNA2210AB , LNA2210BA , LNA2210BB , LJA2210AH , LJA2210BH , LNC2210AD , LNC2210BD , LNF2210AC , LNF2210AD

JAGUAR XK8 4.0 ABS REPAIR- PART NO: LNF2210AB / 10.0204-0

  • We can repair your Jaguar XJ8 , XK8 and XJR ABS Module along with a Lifetime Warranty.

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